Bait Store Products: Your Bait/Catch Can Live Longer

Frustration the mother of invention? Apparently.

Frustrated with live bait in the bait well of his boat suffering a high mortality rate and knowing that transferring it to a bait bucket only slightly extended the mortality, Dick began to talk about how “There has to be a better solution to keep live bait at the dock. Bait is just too expensive to let die off in the minnow bucket.”

Dick and his neighbor Bob both remembered the homemade wood and screen bait boxes that some of the Northwoods resorts used in ’50s. Lots of natural aeration from the lake water and the suspended nutrients kept the minnows fresh. The boxes did not stand up well season to season though and were exposed to damage from storm driven waves that were typical. The better solution was to come up with a durable, high quality container, one that could stand up to the storm driven rough surface waters without bruising the bait against the side of the container.

Dick’s comment, “If we could keep the container just above the bottom we could prevent some of the harsh conditions of the lake surface. A tethered container on the lake bottom might do it.” The idea made sense, it was a practical solution. Dick, a farm field drain tile contractor and Bob, a custom metal fabrication contractor used their work experiences and love of fishing to develop their solution.

Dick’s choice for a durable HDPE neutral buoyant body was where they started and has evolved into the current version using Polypropylene Perforated plastic and Stainless Steel. The component pieces are manufactured by the specialty fabrication division of Bob’s company who has had a long association with a number of US manufactures for short run custom welded fabrications. The assemblies are highly durable and corrosion resistant. The first prototypes hit dockside on Leech Lake, a 111,000 acre lake in North Central Minnesota in the early summer of 2015.

“There has to be a better solution"

Innovation and Improvement

Further development to produce a more cost effective product resulted in the introduction of the Polypropylene Perforated plastic body in the fall of 2015. The neutral buoyant body is counter balanced along the bottom seam and positioned off the bottom with a lifting tether and stabilizing tether attached to dock cleats. Each tether connect to a type 304 Stainless Steel extension spring to provide shock absorption in rough water conditions. Type 304 stainless steel construction for the hinged lid and end reinforcements are used to insure for durability and long use. The first production run of the saltwater version is under way.  The saltwater version uses 316L Stainless Steel for all of the assemblies and hardware,  We are continuing to improve functionality and work to refine manufacturing processes to deliver a high quality, functional and durable made in the USA product:

And Now…Lure Bucket

Dick is an obsessive Musky fisherman. A typical day might see as many as 15 lures thrown. Here’s Dick’s solution for lure management; a polypropylene compartmentalized bucket insert set into a bucket and placed over the casting seat pedestal in his boat. A locking collar keep the Lure Bucket secure. The bucket has a carry handle and lid to keep his lures in order when carrying them to and from the boat.

The first production run of the final product design (shown) uses 16 gauge type 304 Stainless Steel for the insert.  The bucket and lid is heavy-duty Polypropylene.