H2ab0de | Live Bait-Live Catch Storage

The H2ab0de is a large, rugged, and heavy-duty champion in the live bait and live catch storage solutions.   Made in the USA and patent pending, the H2ab0de is an engineered designed solution for long term Minnow/live bait storage and short term live catch storage. This freshwater model is designed to be tethered dockside or attached to an anchored buoy utilizing shock absorbing tethering system. Resting just above the bottom positions the bait to the coolest available water, allows for continuous aeration of nutrient rich water and helps to avoid the turbulence of surface water. Measures 15″ Round x 32″ Long, made from Polypropylene Perforated Plastic with stainless steel. 

The H2ab0de features

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