H2ab0de - Fresh Water

Perforated Polypropylene body, Stainless Steel end and lid sections, Stainless Steel hardware and Nylon shock-absorbing mooring ropes.

Here are a few more helpful views

On The Water with the H2ab0de

On the water in the morning and then back on shore for a break before going out for the nighttime bite, here's where the "Live Catch" part comes into play.

Don't just listen to what we have to say, listen to what someone who bought one has to say.

He saw it, tried it and likes it, he really likes it!

H2ab0de mounting on a dock 

Two dock cleats were attached to the side of the dock approximately 6' apart.  In this instance the owner wanted to be able to access the lid from the far right edge of the dock.  The lid end tether is to the left and the end tether to the right.  To position the H2ab0de properly the far right tether was positioned so that the end of the ab0de touched the bottom.  The left tether was positioned so that the ab0de was raised off of the bottom by approximately 6".  It's very important that the ab0de is not allowed to sit directly on the bottom as doing so will decrease the circulation of water and lead to premature bait mortality.  The H2ab0de, when positioned so that there is clearance for circulation all around the body, will enhance the survivability of Minnows or stored catch.


A simple way to position the H2ab0de for easy access is to loosen the lid end tether from the cleat and tie it off as shown.  A series of mooring loops onto the boat bumper provides a quick method to attach and hold the tether.

Another Option for positioning the H2ab0de

One of our customers from Canada has a very high dock. When he accesses his H2ab0de from his boat, positioning the ab0de is simple, tie it of to the mooring cleat on his boat. Positioning it to dock hight or anywhere in between requires tying it off to his dock boat bumper. He wanted to find a solution that allowed him to hold the ab0de wherever he wanted with convenience. A small rope hand winch with a hook end was bolted to the boat bumper. To position it, he lifts one tether rope so he can hook onto the lid lifting lug. He can position and hold it quickly and reposition just as quickly. Simple solution and a good idea. 

I took his idea and tried it out. It works great! My ab0de has been in the water since may and had some algae that needed to be brushed off. Positioning with the winch held it so my bait never was out of the water. I used a soft bristle deck brush and about 5 minutes of work to remove the majority of the build up. I'll power wash when I take it out in the fall.

Introducing The Lure Bucket

A designed solution for large lure management and storage 

The Lure Bucket is on the water.  A designed solution for large lures management and the convenience of quick change-out of lures without the need to leave the casting position.  Time on the water presenting the lure instead of untangling lures is what the Lure Bucket provides.  The storage lid keeps the lures secure and covered while transporting them from boat to storage or transportation.  

The Quest

August with warm waters and a dropping barrometer.  Two days of follows but they couldn't trigger a strike.  Close enough to the boat to know the Musky was a 50" plus fish, trying to stay in contact and find the right lure combination would be the key to triggering the bite.  Lure Buckets were mounted at the bow casting seat pedestal and at the stern pedestal.  16 lures in the front bucket, 18 lures in the rear bucket and five rods with lures.  The right lure combination had to be in the boat.

Before heading out Dick showed the set up that he and Scott work with.  Efficient presentation from the the front seat and rear seat would put a combination of lures that would hopefully finally put the fish in the boat.

On the way to 50" plus but not quite.  Scott connected with a very nice fish, not the 50" plus.  Still, a very memorable fish for sure.  "I love the Lure Bucket, Dad and I both have two in each of our boats."

Pedestal Mount

On the water with the Lure Bucket.

Here is the final pre-production Lure Tender in field testing.  The reviews are much more positive than we expected.  The inserts are fabricated and delivered.  The heavy duty 5.5 gallon buckets are ordered from the factory and are expected to ship by the end of June, 2016.  The bucket and lids are manufactured using HDPE (high density Polyethylene) with a .082 wall thickness.  They are durable and flexible, not brittle.  These are not high volume/low price big box store buckets.