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H2ab0de Live Bait-Live Catch Storage

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High Quality - Premium Materials - Made in the USA - Patent Pending

Rugged, heavy-duty, large size, Made in the USA, a engineered designed solution for long term Minnow/live bait storage and short term live catch storage. This freshwater model is designed to be tethered dockside or attached to an anchored buoy utilizing shock absorbing tethering system. Resting just above the bottom positions the bait to the coolest available water, allows for continuous aeration of nutrient rich water and helps to avoid the turbulence of surface water. Measures 15″ Round x 32″ Long, made from Polypropylene Perforated Plastic with stainless steel.

  • • 15" round by 32" long body (Approximately 25 gallons).
  • • 1/8" thick Polypropylene Perforate Plastic sheet.
  • • 3/16″ holes - 5/16″ staggered.
  • • Solar reflective white to avoid solar heat gain typical of darker colors.
  • • Laser cut type 304 Stainless Steel lid, frames, mounting ring and longitudinal lock seam.
  • • Type 304 Stainless Steel hardware.
  • • Continuous Stainless Steel lid Hinge.
  • • Large 10″ Opening for easy access to stored bait and stored live catch.
  • • Type 302 Stainless Steel shock absorbent extension spring with UV and chemical resistant tether ropes. The spring is used to help compensate for sudden forces and works in conjunction with the shock absorbing tether rope.
  • • Shock absorbing nylon tether rope, rot and mildew resistant. The tether rope is used to help compensate for sudden forces.
  • • Rugged, high quality materials intended for rough use and long life.
  • • Bait is expensive, The H2ab0de extends the life of stored bait well beyond what can be expected in a dock-side minnow bucket (survival rate is dependent on the type of minnows and water temperature.)
  • • Designed and manufactured in the USA .